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Posted on JANUARY 2018

A busy year for the Sharon Motel

Hello Traveling Friends,

Lots happened at the Sharon Motel in 2017. It was the first full year Anita and I owned the property, so I thought I'd give you a brief year-end report, for those of you who love this little motel.

A number of improvements were made, with the costliest one being the new roof. Our roofer was R & R Roofing from Ely, Nevada, and we appreciate their very professional job. We replaced the old TVs with all new HD flat screens, replaced the beds with super-comfortable Serta pillow tops, replaced all the pillows, sheets, comforters, and linens, replaced all door locks, replaced four A/C units, and replaced all window coverings. We also remodeled a couple of rooms with new carpet, baseboards, paint, and lighting with the goal of completing all rooms in 2018.

All that said, the best thing we have going for us at the Sharon Motel is our resident manager, Hope, and our housekeeper, Esther. I believe we have the best hospitality staff in Nevada, and I am so proud of them!

Our guests are mostly travelers zooming up and down Highways 80 and 93, but we are really busy in the fall with our hunting friends. Take a look at this picture of this amazing mountain lion shot by one of our guests this fall.

One more note, and this is a sad one. Many of you know my dad, Fred, who owned the Sharon Motel with his wife Esther, since 1998. He passed away in November of 2017 at age 86, after being at a senior living home for about a year. He had a seizure and never recovered. Thankfully, we know that Fred is in Heaven, because he loved Jesus, his Savior. We all miss him greatly, and we endeavor to carry on the excellence in hospitality that made the Sharon Motel famous.